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About The Artist

Ohio henna artist Henna By Eve
About Eve


Eve Liebfried is an ICNHA*-certified natural henna artist.

Henna By Eve is the henna-specific business under the umbrella of Eve's LLC business, Nomad Girl Beauty! 

Eve enjoys creating all kinds of henna designs, and follows her motto of: "if I can draw it, I can henna it!" 

She specializes in custom designs, creating a unique piece of art for every individual. Eve has created a range of designs from traditional Indian, Arabic, Indo-Arabic Fusion, Moroccan,and Gulf/Khaleeji Style to contemporary tattoo-style.

Eve has a degree in Spanish language and linguistics, and international political science. She has a great interest in learning about and from different cultures and histories from around the world, and has an avid interest in languages.

Eve genuinely enjoys interacting with clients, and no event is too big or too small! She is a popular artist for wedding mehendi/henna  nights and bridal parties.

Eve is regularly asked to participate in festivals (Lark Fest,Troy River Festival, Schenectady Little Italy Festival, and more), as well as a featured guest artist at local colleges and universities (Walsh University, University of Akron, Kent University, Cleveland State University, SUNY Albany, Union College, St. Rose, Albany College of Pharmacy, Hudson Valley Community College), and Troy Night Out, a monthly arts and cultural event in the Antiques District of Troy, New York.


*International Certification for Natural Henna Arts

Why Natural Henna?


Natural henna is just that...natural!  It does not have any added dyes or harmful chemicals.  


A natural henna artist knows how to make their own fresh paste from the best ingredients available; this assures quality and safety for use on young and old.  There are no mystery chemicals which will be applied to your body.

Natural henna is a safe, temporary form of body art.  It wears off as the skin naturally exfoliates.


Henna is a fun and exciting experience that the whole family can enjoy and partake in!


When you experience henna, you are joining in one of the world's oldest, and continuously used, forms of beautification.  You yourself become a part of the ancient, beautiful tradition of this art that has survived millennia!

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